New Year, New Beginnings

            As we move forward into the New Year, our mission is to provide each and every member with an experience that enables them to truly take on every challenge that life throws at us. We are constantly striving to add value to your commitment to the TFL community. As much as we can push our bodies to achieve our personal fitness goals, we also want to push our minds to better understand how a holistic approach to health and wellness can support those short and long term goals. Whether it is injury or a lapse in consistency, there are always going to be hazards that threaten to derail all the hard work that we’ve put in during our time at TFL. But this is a long road with many milestones along it. That road does not end after losing the first 10 pounds or trimming 3 minutes off our 10K time or doing our first unassisted chin-up. Those are simply the first of, hopefully many milestones, that each one of us will pass by on this journey. Make no mistake: THIS IS A LIFELONG JOURNEY! You have control over how that road will look and it can also be as smooth or as rough as we make it, it is up to you.


To help with this journey, we are reinventing our OFFICIAL TRAIN FOR LIFE BLOG. This blog will provide inspiration, motivation, and most importantly, information.  We will include posts from our coaches, recommended articles from other strength coaches in our network, nutritional resources, and more.  We live in an age where tremendous amounts of information can be reached with the push of a button. But that also should come with a disclaimer that not ALL information is GOOD information. As with most things, there are different schools of thought and varying opinions, especially when it comes to our health. We encourage you to read the blog, comment on it, post suggestions on topics you may be interested in. We also encourage you to look for further resources on a subject that you may want to know more about. So many times, the coaches hear “Why are we doing this?” Rest assured, there is a reason and we will do our best to answer as many of those “Whys” as we can. If we want to continue to get better and keep that “life” road as smooth as possible, then KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! We want to share that power with you!

Be Well

- Joe Willis