Member of the Month - May 2017



Katie Morin has been a member of Train for Life for over 5 years and with her long time commitment and dedication to her training has completed over 750 workouts with us!  Katie is a model member who always strives to do her best and can always be called upon to demonstrate any exercise with perfect technique.

Katie is always a friendly face in every class she attends welcoming friends and new members alike.  She consistently looks for improvement in all of her movements and is never too proud to ask for help when learning a new skill.  With her strength training experience, she never hesitates to lend a hand to a member or an encouraging comment. 

Katie is proof that hard work and commitment to our system pays off, as she is usually toward the top of the leader board during our challenges, often times putting up comparable numbers to women half her age.   We are humbled to have Katie continue to put her trust in us, and hope to continue to motivate and guide her for many more years to come.  CONGRATS KATIE!

I love walking into class and seeing Katie.  She always has a smile on her face.  She is consistent, and never complains so you couldn’t ask for a better training partner.
— Kristin Cressotti