2018 Summer Team Challenge



YOUR CHOICE, and coaches can join you too!

There is no better accountability than when 3 other people are counting on you to do your best. You will have to work together, and remain CONSISTENT to stay on top!

*If you don’t have a full team, we still encourage you to participate. Sign up individually and we will create balanced teams based on availability. 

$40.00 Entry Fee


50% of ALL entry fees go to the Winning team!


Points are awarded weekly for the following categories...

MyZone Points

100 Points per week

WEEKLY PASS/FAIL Approach – ALL members of your team must individually complete 800 MEPs per week in order to receive points.  If all 4 members do not complete 800 MEPs, the team will not receive points for that week.

*MEPs are calculated Monday - Sunday


Points based on standings

There will be a weekly physical challenge completed by all members of the team.  The top THREE scores from your team will be averaged and teams will be placed in order to scale points from greatest to least. 

•  If there is an injury preventing a teammate from completing the event, the other three scores will automatically be averaged.  If all other members don’t complete the challenge, a zero will be included in the average for that team.

•  If a member is on vacation, the challenge must be completed the week BEFORE, once scores are posted they will not be changed. 

Post-workout nutritioN

3 points per ticket

Members will receive a ticket for drinking their protein shake after each workout.  Names will be written on each ticket and dropped into the raffle.  Points will be given to your team for each ticket collected over the 8-weeks.

RAFFLE BONUS – A name will be pulled from the overall raffle and the winner will receive a 4 Pound Whey Protein ($70 Value)

* Protein must be shown, and actively consumed at the time ticket is given. Photos after sessions or “forgetting a ticket” will not be accepted.  No exceptions.

Weekly Nutrition Tasks

25 Points Per Person/Week

There will be 8 weekly tasks to complete during the challenge.  These simple, but results-driven, tasks will be posted to the Challenge Facebook Group, and also discussed at the kickoff meeting.  Read and follow directions as they are specific!  =)

Strength & Conditioning Goal

50 Points per Week


Each member of the team will have a sheet to track that they have completed this weekly goal.  Any fellow member of TFL can sign off on the sheet (cannot be a member of your team).  Pass/Fail Approach for weekly points just like MEPs.