Train for Life

340 McKinstry Ave, Suite 220

Chicopee, MA 01013

Phone – (413) 315-9997


In Search Of:

Strength and Conditioning Coaches


About Train for Life

A coach is someone who is able to bring more out of an individual than they ever thought possible.  We are coaches; and with fitness as our vehicle, we hope to create impact upon the world.  By building strength and confidence in our community, we can live lives worthy of a grand story.


We do not believe in the ordinary.  Through the use of the top methods in the industry, each workout is intended to make members better, both physically and mentally.  Our program and coaching is designed to achieve goals, reduce injuries and help make the most out of life.


Train for Life is unique to other gyms in that no one is on their journey alone.  Our community is welcoming and supportive.  Fitness gives us strength and with that, we are all capable of anything.  Here at Train for Life, members have a home-away-from-home, and become the people they were always meant to be.


Our Team

Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Work Ethic and Enjoyment

We work for something greater than ourselves.  Each and every day we set out to connect and engage with our members; whether it be creating an “ah-ha” moment or sharing a short story, we are here to provide more than just a workout.  We believe in our members and are devoted to their success.   We are humbled to have the opportunity to work with each of them, and take pride in ourselves and our education to provide unparalleled service.



About the Job

We are looking for a few awesome people to join our team and help us continue to serve the best possible training experience to our members.  We are in search of passionate and dedicated individuals who uphold the following qualities:

·      Loyalty – To yourself, your team and those depending on you.

·      Honest and Integrity – Being true to ourselves and acting upon good faith.

·      Always Strive for Improvement – Eager to learn and never settle.

·      Industriousness – There is no substitute for hard work.

·      Positive Mindset – Think positive thoughts daily and believe in yourself.

·      Attention To Detail


…and more about your specific duties:

·      Creating a positive and uplifting experience for members

·      Greeting and welcoming all with a positive attitude and infectious energy

·      Learning all members names and ways to connect with them

·      Coaching and teaching members through training sessions

·      Maintaining and striving for current training knowledge to always improve the level of quality we offer

·      Daily operations to maintain the cleanliness and overall presentation of the facility itself



Associates or Bachelor’s Degree Preferred, Minimum of 1 Nationally Recognized Certification, Desire to Further Education through Seminars, Certifications, etc.



Monetarily; To be determined based on qualifications and part time vs. full time availability.  All coaches receive free classes and availability to train inside the facility.  $250-500 per year educational stipend.


Apply To:

To apply, send a cover letter detailing why you’d be a great fit at Train for Life along with a resume including work and educational experience to info@trainforlifema.com