Small Group Coaching is a personalized program completed in a group atmosphere of 6-10 other members.  Each member is given an individually designed program to help you reach your goals.  Whether you are looking to better your weekend softball league, keep up with your kids on a daily basis, or hit your fat loss goals, Small Group Coaching takes each adult through an hour and 15 minute long workout that covers:

  • SOFT TISSUE WORK – Every session begins with foam rolling to loosen tight muscles.
  • MOVEMENT PREP – Our movement prep focuses on areas of tightness and weakness.  Due to our modern way of living, most individuals come in with tight hips and shoulders; weak scapular stabilizers (shoulder/rotator cuff muscles) and weak glutes.
  • POWER DEVELOPMENT  - As we age, our ability is produce power goes down, each session will address this.
  • CORE - Every one wants to work on their 'abs', we will do so in the most functional means possible.
  • FULL BODY STRENGTH - Each Workout focuses on compound movements to give you the most bang for your buck!
  • CONDITIONING – The session is typically wrapped up with a metabolic 'finisher' designed to elevate your heart rate and finish on a high note.
  • INJURY PREVENTION – The individually designed programs address muscular imbalances, pre/re-hab based movements to keep you healthy and getting strong.

Each member who enrolls in Small Group Coaching is taken through a full assessment prior to beginning the program.  Each assessment includes weight, height, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, a Functional Movement Screen and goal setting.  The results from these assessments are how we build the programs for each member of the group.  Each month the workouts progress to keep the body from reaching dreaded plateaus and to keep them fun and exciting!


Large Group Personal Training Classes are a fun and effective way to kick start your health and fitness goals.  Each 1-hour long session features a total body workout that employs high-intensity work periods with short rest periods in an alternating set or circuit format that combines resistance training to build lean muscle with the fat-burning benefits of interval training.  Classes are open to all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Each class is guided by a coach who educates all members on proper form and techniques.  Every workout employees progressions and regressions of every exercise to accommodate all levels.  Our large group classes are different from others largely in part by the quality of coaching that takes place each and every session. Formally known as Boot Camp, we distinguish ourselves as LARGE GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING from the other Boot Camp programs out there by emphasizing the quality of movement, progressive intensity and adequate recovery.  Anyone can make you tired, we WILL make you BETTER!

  • High Energy Workouts that Burn 600-1000 calories per workout
  • Continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours POST-workout
  • Help to promote weight loss, increase in strength, flexibility, energy levels and performance

Large Group Packages:
Packages begin at $99.00 per month and can be customized to meet your fitness and nutrition needs. All packages are agreed upon on short term (month to month) or long term (12 month) time frame. All potential members MUST complete an orientation or sign up for a month trial ($89) before taking part in our large group program.



Movement is our 10-13 Year Sports Performance and Fitness program designed to teach our youth athletes how to move better, get stronger, work together and much more.  We place great emphasis on not only becoming better athletes but better people as well.  This program will use exercise and fitness to teach teamwork, work ethic, respect and many other characteristics to help your child play better and become well-round STUDENT-athlete.  Throughout the summer program, your child will learn how to:

  • Foam Roll and Stretch
  • Perform Dynamic Warm Ups before exercise and competition
  • Move better to reduce the rate of injury
  • Develop speed and power
  • Learn proper mechanics during crawling, running, jumping, change of direction
  • Play games that incorporate many of the above skills
  • HAVE FUN!  

Movement will be offered at - 

Summer 2015 beginning the week of June 29th

  • 3x/Week for 8 Weeks
    • MWF - 8:30AM - 9:30AM