What is Hybrid Training?

• Never more than 15 members to 1-2 coaches.

• A motivating, fun and energetic atmosphere with the structure of a more intimate, coaching-intensive training session.

• Like all of our programs, hybrid sessions are designed off our foundational movements. This allows for movements at the entry level but can be progressed to much more advanced/heavy lifts than our current large group program can accommodate by minimizing the coach to member ratio.

• Two 1-Hour Workouts per 4-Week Phase to create balance along with our large group program.

• Hybrid Training is NOT a more basic or more advanced program - There are set progressions for every movement with specific goals for each member at their own pace, regardless of their level.

Why Hybrid Training?

• Because you want the camaraderie of large group with the hands-on coaching experience of our current small group.

• Because you want the ability to progress in movements and focus on taking your strength training to the next level.

• Because you're intrigued by small group, but don't want the price tag of complete individualized programming.

• Because you want complete control of your training schedule, and plenty of availability.

When Can I Train?

Hybrid B

9:00A + 5:15P + 6:30P


7:00A + 9:30A

Hybrid A

5:30A + 10:15A + 5:15P + 6:30P

4:00P + 5:15P

Large Group Training

What is Large Group Training?

• A 4-week program that allows members to progress and regress movements to meet their fitness level.  

• Never more than 30 members to 1 coach.

• 3 Strength and 3 Conditioning workouts to choose from each month.  Enough variety to keep you engaged, but the right amount of consistency to allow you learn and master movements.

Why Large Group Training?

• Because you want an exciting, high energy environment with like-minded individuals.

• Because you want the ability to progress in movements and focus on taking your strength training to the next level.

• Because you want a program that includes strength and conditioning to address most fitness goals.

• Because you want complete control of your training schedule, and plenty of availability.

When Can I Train?

5:30AM, 6:45AM, 9AM, 4:30PM, 6PM, 7:15PM

5:30AM, 6:45AM, 9AM, 4:30PM and 6PM

7:00AM, 8:30AM and 10AM

Members can reserve their sessions on our MindBody webpage by clicking here!


Semi-Private Training

What Is Semi-Private Training?

• 1 coach to every 4 members, and never more than 8 members per group.

• Monthly assessments and goal setting to help accomplish your specific goals 

• You appreciate and desire the level of coaching and hands-on attention these smaller groups will offer.

• Each session is an hour and 15 minutes to address proper warm up, additional mobility/rehabilitation needs, power, strength and conditioning.

• All appointments are scheduled in advanced and must adhere to a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Members are encouraged to be on a recurring appointment for a specific day and time as the groups are limited to 8 members.  

Why Semi-Private Training?

• Because you want a completely individualized program to address a specific training goal such as powerlifting or strongman

• Because you are training for sports performance (this includes our youth athletes, 12 years old and up)

• Because are addressing an injury that requires specific programming (ie. transition from physical therapy)

• Because you want the accountability of that accompany semi=private appointments 

When Can I Train?


5:30AM + 6:45AM + 10:15AM + 4:00PM + 5:15PM 


9AM + 4PM

5:30AM + 6:45AM + 4:00PM + 5:15PM + 6:30PM

9:00AM + 10:15AM + 4:00PM + 6:30PM

Athletic Development

Summer 2018
8-Week Program

June 25th - August 18th

Grammar School

Students entering grades 3-5 in the Fall of 2018.

Two 1-Hour Sessions per Week

9:00AM - 10:00AM


What to expect during the sessions...

•  Your child will work on developing foundational movements such as crawling, running, jumping, landing, throwing and kicking.

•  Coaches will incorporate games to apply skills and make every session as fun as it is effective to keep kids engaged.

•  Races and other competitions to learn about sportsmanship and healthy competition.

•  FUN! We can’t emphasize this enough.  Kids who ENJOY exercise at an early age are more likely to continue this healthy habit for life. 

Middle School

Students entering grades 6-8 in the Fall of 2018.

Two 75-Minute Sessions per Week

Monday + Wednesday
10:15AM - 11:30AM



The sessions will focus on...

•  Proper athletic preparation and injury reduction by teaching your child the right way to warm up and prepare their body for competition.

•  Athletic positioning, jumping and landing mechanics and power development to build a strong, resilient athlete.

•  Strength training that focuses on the mastery of movement first.  Through progressive weight training, your child will learn how to lift safely and build strength.

•  Conditioning to be in the best shape for the upcoming seasons.  

High School

Students entering grades 9-12 in the Fall of 2018.


<<  Two Options  >>

Morning Option

Three 75-Minute Sessions per Week

10:15AM - 11:30AM


Evening Option

Two 75-Minute Sessions per Week

7:45PM - 9:00PM



The sessions will focus on...

•  Increasing speed with focus on acceleration and deceleration, proper change of direction techniques and running mechanics.

•  Power development will be trained every session with plyometrics and medicine ball exercises in all planes of movement your athlete will need for their sport.

•  Strength Training will take a form first approach and then progressively challenge your athlete over the course of the summer.  Strength is the foundation for a well-rounded athlete. 

•  Conditioning will prepare your athlete to be in the best shape for the upcoming season.  

•  Flexibility and Mobility are a major part of proper preparation and cool down during every workout.  Through foam rolling and stretching your athlete will learn how to prepare their body for success.