Best Version of Yourself

Meet Mia.

You might have seen a few photos of her this past summer as she pushed herself day in and day out through our Summer Sizzler Challenge...

Now hear about her experience at TFL...

Before joining Train For Life, I was a member at a local gym for many years but rarely ever went. Like many people, I dreaded going to the gym.  I lacked motivation and even tried working with a private trainer there but that didn't provide the spark I needed.

Train for Life has changed all of that and I can honestly say I love going to my classes at TFL now. The atmosphere there is wonderful and it's such a close knit environment. The coaches provide the knowledge and motivation each and every session.  The members are inspiration and that helps to keep you wanting to improve yourself.  The staff does an excellent job of keeping the programming fresh and challenging.  


Owners, Drew and Jordan McConaha, encouraged me to continue my journey by entering the Summer Sizzler Transformation Challenge. They were so helpful with guiding me through restructuring my diet to maximize my results.  After finishing the challenge I was shocked with my results. Not only am I stronger and feel great, I can truly say I'm in the best shape of my life. I am so thankful and I love the fact that my young daughters look at me as a role model for being a healthy and strong woman.