Member of the Month - Sept. 2016


Member Since November 2015

Rich has demonstrated true dedication to TFL values, and has 100% committed himself to our process.  Since joining us Rich has gotten stronger, lost body fat and maintained an above average record during our Summer Physical Challenges.  Above all else, he has ignited a new passion for strength training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  His wife Robin, who is also a member of TFL, says Rich is a completely different person since the start of his fitness journey, and she couldn’t be happier with his results.

Rich continues to show improvement in more ways than one.  He’s done at home research to better understand Turkish Get Ups and can no longer hide his eagerness to perform well behind his sarcasm and witty comments.  He is such a presence in our community that other members question where he is if he’s not at his usual sessions.  

His coaches look forward to many more sessions with Rich, who’s goals include increasing his flexibility through yoga sessions and to continue to conquer the Turkish Get Up.  

Great work Rich!  We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished!