Be Phenomenal

Yes, I just want you to be phenomenal --- A letter from a Strength Coach…

Phenomenal people put in the extra; they don’t think twice about it… the ‘extra’ is just apart of their daily routine. Being phenomenal isn’t a term you were born to associate with; you’ve got to want to be phenomenal.

The extra effort doesn’t need to be so laborious. Maybe it’s choosing not to hit the snooze for the extra 5 minutes of sleep, choosing to pause for a few seconds to hold the door for someone on his/her way through, or something as simple as a friendly smile. Whatever “maybe” you come across in life should be met by this yes or no question…

“Will this make me better, or not?”

You see… whether you’re a Professional Athlete, High School student, the average desk-jockey, nurse, teacher, police officer, or firefighter… having that question guide your decisions can not only improve the quality of your life, but make it a better place for all of us.

Becoming phenomenal starts with confidence. You can pretend all you want, but you will not be the best version of yourself without it. The weight on the bar, the size of the kettlebell, etc. doesn’t matter… These implements only want fall to the floor…to go in one direction… You have to come up with a way to change that! Approaching exercise with intent and integrity will allow daily tasks to become simpler, less stress inducing, and ultimately more rewarding. Do you remember a time where you took a movement or a lift for granted; did it feel good? Did it hurt? This is a similar feeling such as entering a work meeting unprepared… nothing ever goes “well” then after.

Fitness is truly an all-encompassing ‘magical elixir’ that can fight depression, boost confidence, enhance drive and focus, burn fat, extend life span/expectancy… do you see where I’m heading with this?

We as coaches trust in you from Day 1.  We trust that you are going to put forth your best every training session. If you feel you only have 80% to give that day, then we are going to pull 100% of that 80.  This effort multiples as the number of solid training sessions are put it. Holding a “glass half full mentality” will ultimately lead to excellence throughout your journey. Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and inevitably months to years.  It’s our responsibility to find a way to motivate you to find your better and eventually your best. It’s our hope that our guidance in the weight room drives you toward your goal.  Drive you’re knees out, tighten you’re grip, BREATH… These suggestions aren’t to annoy you or just to see how much weight you can lift, but to constantly remind you of how important the little adjustments in your mindfulness can drive you to become phenomenal.  Can you look in the mirror and say “I did everything I can do today to make myself better?”

As your coach, I would like to share a few ways that one can stride toward their own personal greatness…

Action steps toward Becoming Phenomenal

·  5 Minutes of Mindful Meditation

o   To give yourself time perimeter, turn on an alarm with a soft chime ringer.

o   Breathe and let your thoughts float.

o   Be awake and conscious of the world around you.

*Notice how quickly you awaken with the positivity and energy needed to proceed with your day.

·  Exercise

o    This doesn’t only mean, “hit the gym”!  If weather permits find ways to get outside: hike, run, bike, or walk.

o   Do something every day. Being phenomenal means you have to feel phenomenal first.

·  Enjoy Life

o   Find time to smile each day: whether you have a hobby or a great group of friends to hang out with, enjoy each minute.

o   Surround yourself only with positive people, who bring out the best in you.  Nobody is phenomenal without a smile – except Bill Belichick (that guy never smiles, and he’s a phenomenal cheater).

Coach Vin Silano, CSCS, Pn1