Member of the Month - November 2018

Kim Sweeney

Member since February 2013


Over the past five years, Kim Sweeney has become a core member of the TFL community, and is one of our biggest transformations in regards to movement and confidence in the gym.  Kim comes in everyday with a smile and is eager to crush each workout, but that’s not how she started out…  It took a lot of coaxing by Kim’s husband, Mike, to initially get her in the doors, and even after she booked her first appointment she tried to cancel.  When her daughter showed up without her, we called Kim immediately to make her comfortable coming to her session, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Kim started off barley being able to balance on one foot.  She was nervous and a little shy in her small group sessions, but it wasn’t long before she came out of her shell.  Once she got in her strength-training groove, she was encouraging and high-fiving those around her.  She would joke and yell with all the football guys and was often the center of attention. 

Aside from Kim being an encouraging and supportive member to her peers, she is a joy to coach.  Kim loves feedback from her coaches and is eager to learn and perfect her movements.  She owns all of the basics and focuses on her breathing, making it easy to trust her to excel at more advanced exercises; and many of these movements she would often say “I’ll never do that” in the beginning of her time with us.  Kim has also participated in many of the challenges and has come out with something to be proud of each and every time.

We hold stories like this near and dear to our hearts.  We appreciate that Kim has put her trust in TFL all of these years, and couldn’t be more proud of how far she has come.  Kim, thank you for being such a special part of Train for Life!  We are so honored to be apart of your journey!

I look forward to going to the gym and working out with my parents and sister. This is the best shape that my mother has ever been in and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished.
— Erin Sweeney, Kim’s daughter and fellow member.