Summer Intern Sienna Opens Up About Jump Training!


The summer is flying by, and week seven of the internship has just come to a close. Every week
at Train for Life has been filled with new and exciting information, and this week was no
exception. We dived into the topic of jump training. Bobby Smith and Adam Feit of RYPT
(Reach Your Potential Training) developed this training for athletes to help them better control
their bodies at any speed and in any position that their sport might put them in. As I’m preparing to go back to school for preseason with the Simmons soccer team, this knowledge is especially beneficial to me. I can implement new movements into my training, and share the helpful info with my teammates as well!

From this week’s lesson, I’ve learned that jump training serves the purpose of not only improving power and speed, but also preventing injury. I’ve had many friends and teammates suffer an ACL or MCL tear, and often it wasn’t a major collision that caused it. Jump training teaches the mechanics of landing properly, so in chaotic game situations when athletes are moving in all planes, changing speed and direction constantly, their bodies are better equipped to deal with those movements.

While there is obviously value in this sort of training for athletes, there is certainly a benefit for everyone. Preventing injury should be the number one priority for all populations! So, I now better understand the implementation of these jump training mechanics in our workouts at TFL. The snap downs and the broad jumps hold a very important place in the collection of exercises we do.

Can’t wait to jump right into next week!

Sienna Caron