sandbag training

Summer Interns Update: It's Week 6 Already!

Week 6 is a wrap!

This week was about sandbags and why we use them at Train for Life. The answer is that DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) system always use to effectively train and progress people seamlessly in a small or large group setting.  Using these concepts along with understanding specific coaching sequences and cues can help us train individuals with previous injuries or mobility limitations in a pain free manner.  

Now that I’ve been further educated, I’ll share with you what I like about the DVRT Ultimate Sandbags.

1. They make me better! I was born with nerve damage in my left shoulder and it radiates down my arm. At times, muscles on my left side just won’t turn on for me. Not with the Ultimate Sandbags. Within minutes my left lat was fired up.  This gives me an opportunity to safely push myself without making my workouts into a physical therapy session (which isn’t as fun as getting PRs). 


2. I love unconventional equipment. It doesn’t get much more savage than 90lbs bag of sand.  Training with 90lbs in an Ultimate Sandbag versus 90lbs on a barbell feels drastically different.  You can get a very different training effect without always just having to add more weight!


3. Variability. There’s a ton you can do with these things! I spent a good amount of time and greater amount of money building a home gym of dumbbells, barbells, etc. But, for most cases the sandbag can do what various other instruments can do. Less money, less space, oh and easy travel. There’s even a water filler option. So, when traveling take the empty bag with you in the car, fill it with water in the hotel room, and boom you have a portable gym.


We’re continuing to learn new skills and hone in on the basics. This upcoming week is about jumping and plyometrics so be on the lookout for Sienna’s blog.

Conversing with the members reminds me every day that I love the path I’ve chosen. Every day is another opportunity to learn and grow. Looking forward to week 7!

With gratitude,

Kyle Cusson