social butterfly

Member of the Month - August 2017




Jen Nyman is the first person to introduce herself to anyone she doesn’t know and embodies many of the qualities we nurture here at Train for Life.  She’s welcoming, positive, and enthusiastic in literally every session.  We know that when Jen is here to train she will make others to push harder, but won’t let them leave without feeling like they did their best.

Her attitude and commitment to our training philosophy is something we can all learn from.  Since day one, Jen has always been eager to learn and embrace everything we educate her on from proper recovery to how to hit that big, personal best lift.  Jen is all about balance, which is something we foster here at TFL.  She never skips a workout, and is still a rockstar mom at every event, birthday party or school function her son, Kris, has.

Jen is always willing to help a fellow member so the next time you see Jen in one of your classes, be sure to partner up with her if you’re looking for someone to inspire you to have one of your best workouts!  We thank Jen for being a shining example of what it means to be part of the Train for Life community.

Jen is one of the people I look forward to working out with most. Always fun. Always funny. Always motivating me to do more.
— Amy Zajac