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Member of the Month - May 2018


Member Since May 2018


Jared Johnson is and always has been a team player that we are proud to have as a member of our community.  Whether he knows you or not, you can count on Jared to cheer you on, spot you on a lift or simply ask you about your day with a huge smile on his face.  He is always eager to make others feel welcome.  All of these things are a complete change for the shy guy who walked into TFL just over a year ago.

Since his first day, Jared has dedicated himself to our process.  He has demonstrated tremendous focus on his goals, both inside and outside of gym walls.  Through his dedication to training he has gained a ton of physical strength (have you seen his overhead presses?!), but even more importantly, the ability to let his terrific sense of humor shine brighter than the quiet Jared who began with us.

Jared isn’t a quitter!  Recently, he was feeling less motivated and immediately made an effort to meet with his coach to refocus and set new goals to stay on track.

One of the things I admire most about Jared is that when he feels like it’s getting hard to stay on track, he never quits.  He always asks for help and I appreciate his trust in me as a coach and him as a human being.
— Drew McConaha

As coaches, we find pleasure working with individuals like Jared. He’s practices every movement with integrity, and is a constant student of strength training.  He’s always eager to learn and hit another PR, yet equally as happy for those around him when they do too!

Thank you for your focus and working so hard over this past year, Jared!  We know great things are in store for you this year!