woof woof

Member of the Month - April 2018




Don May is a member of our Semi-Private Program and is one of the most positive and cheerful people we have in our community.  Don always greets other members by name.  He is proud to share stories and pictures about his experiences and his family, and is always eager to listen to others.

Don’s dedication to his training program has paved the way for some substantial accomplishments!  When Don joined us just over a year ago, his goal was to lose enough weight to get back to the things he loved the most – skiing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  We are delighted to say Don will be hiking the trails this summer – 100 POUNDS LIGHTER!

It doesn’t stop there…  In addition to Don’s impressive weight loss he has also undergone immense lifestyle changes.  He has rehabbed nagging injuries, maintained a solid fitness regimen and created a healthier relationship with food.  Don has proven he is in this for life.

Don is the workout partner to crack a joke, or pose a silly question just to make the person next to him laugh.  He never takes himself too seriously.  You will never find him pushing a sled without barking a deep “woof woof” as he plows through.  He is uplifting and motivating, which makes him a pleasure to coach and be around.

We would like to congratulate Don on all of his accomplishments.  We are thrilled to be a part of his fitness journey and look forward to what the future holds.  Next time you see Don, be sure to give him a big WOOF WOOF to motivate him to the same way he motivates others!