What They Never Told You About EGGS

This past weekend we held our first Grocery Store Tour at the Big Y in Wilbraham, MA and it was a success. There were a lot of great questions and everyone learned a lot about the choices they were making and changes that needed to be made. There were so many great questions that we were not able to make it around the whole store in the hour that we had. So as a result, I wanted to post this great article from Cassandra Forsyth-Pribanic about EGGS. I get asked a lot about eating too many eggs and it's affects on our cholesterol. Cassandra does an awesome job at debunking some of these thoughts and explains many of the health benefits of including eggs on a daily basis. Enjoy the article!

The Egg: this three letter word invokes almost as much fear into the hearts of Americans as our other favorite “deadly” three-letter word: F-A-T.

However, it’s finally time to crack the misconception that eggs are bad for our health, because they’re absolutely not. It’s unfortunate, but many people still think that you cannot eat more than one egg per day, or even more than 3 eggs per week because if you do, you’ll develop high blood cholesterol levels and fatty arteries. But, this could not be farther from the truth.

So, why do we think this way? Click below for the remainder of the article...