“Love yourself first and everything else falls into place.” This phrase was on a fortune cookie I cracked open almost a year ago; I’ve carried it with me ever since (the fortune, not the cookie). In January of 2011, I was coming off of a year full of life changes, a move, a new job, among other things and feeling accomplished but not happy. I sat down with a couple of friends and had a very candid conversation about getting healthy. We vowed we would work out more, eat and drink less and we did!

By March, I thought I was well on my way to a “brand new me.” Somewhat confident in my new found athleticism a co-worker finally convinced me to try out a boot camp class she had become addicted to. Little did I know how much my life would change the first day I walked into the Train for Life gym. That first hour was more challenging than I could have imagined, but when it was over I felt accomplished, exhausted but accomplished. Within weeks of regular boot camp classes my body began to change, I could see and feel myself getting stronger! Nothing I could have done on my own at the gym compares to what a Train for Life workout can. This past summer Drew challenged all his clients to set a goal for themselves. Mine was to start running and complete a race with the TFL team. At the end of September I finished the 2011 Rugged Maniac 5K, something I never would have imagined doing just months earlier!

It has been just over six months since my first class and I’ve lost 70 pounds and counting, I’m running regularly, I have MUSCLES! During that time I’ve learned what it means to truly test myself in a place where it is safe to fail, reward my successes and forgive my failure, lean on my friends and TRUST my trainer. Spending time at TFL is how I give myself love and that cookie was right, everything else is falling into place. Train for Life is much more than a gym or exercise program it is family of people who are working to get better, together! I am truly blessed to be encouraged and inspired by each of them and most importantly to have trainer and friend who challenges me every day and pushes me to attempt the things that scare me the most. Without a doubt I consider myself a work in progress and I cannot wait to see what the next six months and beyond will bring! I am a stronger, happier person than I have ever been thanks to this program. 70lbs, new clothes, compliments… yeah, that’s pretty cool. Becoming the person I was always meant to be… that is the true result of Train for Life.

- Lauren Anderson

Before joining Train For Life, I was a member at a local gym for many years but rarely ever went. Like many people, I dreaded going to the gym.  I lacked motivation and even tried working with a private trainer there but that didn't provide the spark I needed.

Train for Life has changed all of that and I can honestly say I love going to my classes at TFL now. The atmosphere there is wonderful and it's such a close knit environment. The coaches provide the knowledge and motivation each and every session.  The members are inspiration and that helps to keep you wanting to improve yourself.  The staff does an excellent job of keeping the programming fresh and challenging.  

Owners, Drew and Jordan McConaha, encouraged me to continue my journey by entering the Summer Sizzler Transformation Challenge. They were so helpful with guiding me through restructuring my diet to maximize my results.  After finishing the challenge I was shocked with my results. Not only am I stronger and feel great, I can truly say I'm in the best shape of my life. I am so thankful and I love the fact that my young daughters look at me as a role model for being a healthy and strong woman.

- Mia Bouyea

"I'm the healthiest I have been in a long time and truly attribute it to the best personal trainer I’ve had the privilege to work with. Drew McConaha has been working with me for about 14 months now and I have accomplished things in the last six months that I never thought possible. I’m dropped 25lbs and am still going. Not to mention my body fat % is still dropping. I ran my first 5K in December after only having surgery on my foot a few months prior. It’s March now and I just finished the St Patrick’s Day 10K Road Race this weekend. Both races I was proud to show off my time!

The best thing that he has engrained in me is that if you put your mind to it (with a lot of hard work and sweat), you can do anything. The confidence in your body and its abilities that gets built is absolutely amazing. He teaches you to push beyond your comfort zone.

Love the bootcamps and the one-on-one sessions!"


It is too late for a change and that I am supposed to be like this… This statement was my mind set everyday, until I joined Train For Life.

First let me start with some background. When I entered high school I weighed 289 pounds. When I graduated high school in 1984 I weighed 315 pounds. After years of working at restaurants my weight ballooned to 355 and my doctor put me on 3 different medications (high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol). Now I have a beautiful wife and 3 great boys who need me around for as long as I can be. Night after night of sitting around and talking (and that’s all it was) about getting healthy, I finally woke up one day and decided it was time to do something about it. Where does one turn when they need to find someone or someplace to help on this journey? Facebook, where else? I posted one day in February of 2012 asking for advice on a trainer and very good friend (thanks Dean L.) suggested Train For Life with trainers Andrew McConaha and Jordan Marshall.

Now time to make the first step…contacting Andrew, which I did, and he invited me to come to a class and see if it was for me. I must admit I was a little nervous going in, but I figured I could handle it. My buddy Dean came to class that day for support and I was off to the races. I mean how hard can a 1 hour class be? Well 35 minutes into it I was sitting down on the floor trying to control my breathing. It was, at this time, I fell in love with this place and this is why. Now I figured Dean and Andrew would come over to see how I was doing and they did, but to my surprise every person in the class came over to make sure I was o.k. It was like working out with family and that is just one of the reasons I am still there.


I have been at Train For Life now for almost a year and I hope I am there for many more. At my last weigh in (which I only do once a month now, come see Andrew he’ll tell you why) I weighed in lighter than my freshman year in high school (which was in 1980). I have also met so many great people who are also trying to change their life and I consider them all family. Everyone encourages everyone and that makes the boot camps great. I cannot wait to see where this journey will take me and how great my body and mind will feel, but I know I will not give up, and thanks to Train For Life and all the people there that make it great. This place takes the “T off the word can. Like I tell everyone there that I meet “if I can do it, you can definitely do it.” Now I know that I am the one putting in the work but without Andrew, Jordan and everyone at Train For Life, I am not sure I would be this far along.
Thanks Train For Life and let’s keep Doing Work

- Bob Lingenberg



"Growing up, I had always been the skinny girl who had trouble gaining weight. I was always the tomb boy and in high school I ran track. In college I was able to gain some weight and was content with my overall weight and appearance. Eventually I got married and had my first child. I gained a total of 38 pounds with my first pregnancy and was able to lose almost all of it with the exception of 10 pounds. I tried working out but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I became pregnant with my second child and gained 30 pounds with her. This time I struggled to lose the weight and was left with 5 pounds left out of the 30 that I had gained with her. I began running and competing in 5kís which helped with some weight loss but nothing to the extreme where I am now.



This past January, I brought my oldest daughter to indoor soccer practice at Soccer City and saw a boot camp class that caught my eye. After the class finished, I went over and asked a few questions and decided to try the class. My sister and I tried the class and even though I was sore for a few days later, we became hooked. I eventually recruited others to join as well. Within the first few weeks I was able to drop 7lbs. The class not only allowed me to tone and strengthen, it taught me how to eat properly and maintain a daily calorie log. Since beginning in February of this year, I have lost close to 31 pounds, dropped almost 4 dress sizes, have a toned physique and can see part of a six pack. My speed and endurance in races have improved. I cannot thank Drew enough for everything he has done for me and for keeping classes interesting. I highly would recommend the class to anyone who wants to change their life. NO and CAN'T are two words that need to be eliminated from anyoneís vocabulary when they are ready to make a life transformation. TRAIN FOR LIFE ROCKS!"

- Paula

I never thought I would be writing a testimonial about weight loss success or a change towards a healthy and fitness based lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't unhealthy. I trained as a pre-professional dancer by whole life and still dance 10 hrs a week but as I got closer to the age of 30, the things I thought I was impervious to started to catch up with me. I could no longer eat McDonald's six days a week and not gain a pound and I was drinking everyday (had been doing both for years as I slowly filled out). So, I made a New Years resolution in 2013 to fix the chubiness and laziness and my sister in law told me about Train for Life. I remember my first day looking at those kettle bells and going "what the hell is that?" There is even a little video Drew took that day where I am dead lifting a 12kg bell. Ha! I am at 145 now in my small group. I knew for me the accountability was needed and this place had that and the variety to keep me coming back. I became infatuated with the new exercises I was learning and craved to make sure my technique and form were right (a dancer thing). I still get teased for doing things "pretty" but it's getting better. Long story short- I haven't had fast food since January (it's August as I write this), I completed the 21 day sugar detox, am down 26 lbs and over 11% body fat, and have shed a crazy amount of inches. All in 7 months. Now my goal is to keep getting stronger (I very much admire to other women at TFL), run a 5k, and maybe even et certified in DVRT and combine it with some of my dance background. TFL has changed my outlook on fitness forever and I am so, so grateful for the friends I have made and coaches I have found in Drew and Jordan as well as Alora and Joe. This will be your second home, I promise.

- Melanie Bisson