Large Group Program Update

        This past weekend marked our 5th anniversary of Train for Life opening at 340 McKinstry Avenue.  Over the last 5 years, we’ve worked toward creating a results-driven program by blending the most current in exercise science with strength and conditioning workouts.  It’s always been our goal to keep our program energetic and intense while balancing the physical needs of our members in order to prevent injury and improve movement.

        While the standards that we’ve held high over the last 5 years will not change, we will be revamping our Large Group Template allowing us to add more variety and training options to our current program.  We are certain that with this new training model members will be motivated and eager to stay in a fitness regimen that is beneficial, competitive and enjoyable for all training levels.

        Along with this change, we will attempt to preface each phase and educate you on the most suitable program selection to fit your specific goals.  It is, and has always been, our mission to inspire others to move well, be strong and enjoy life.  A proper movement foundation will always rank first and foremost in our model.  We will continue to add assessments and help direct you through the program that best fits your current physical capabilities.  From there, a blend of workouts are designed to increase strength and burn fat.  Each member is unique and we feel this new structure will allow us to efficiently manipulate our program to provide the individual solutions you are all looking for in a group training environment. 

Our new phase will be laid out as follows:

Monday – Strength A
Tuesday – Metabolic Conditioning
Wednesday – Strength B
Thursday – Metabolic Conditioning
Friday – Strength C
Saturday – Your Choice...

7:00AM - Advanced Lift (Strength Based)
8:30AM/10:00AM - Metabolic Conditioning

        We are excited for this update and hopeful that many of you will embrace this change.  As always, we implore you to provide us with feedback, as it’s the best way for us to continue to evolve.