Member of the Month - July 2017




Daryl Kirby is the definition of a hard-worker.  He is consistently attempting to learn new things about movement, exercise, and other fitness strategies.  Daryl’s inquisitive attitude toward fitness has driven him forward on the road to achievement.  This includes a leaner body composition, better mobility, and conquering the KB Swing – a goal he set for himself and was determined to achieve.

It’s not always easy to motivate oneself, and Daryl does this with ease as well as repeatedly finding ways to get others going too.  A simple high-five, a subtle, “Let’s Go!”, as well as, the constant support for those around him in a session; all of these things help make others feel stronger, and feed off of Daryl’s positive attitude.

Daryl is often found wearing a cut-off tee and a smile during the afternoon sessions, and most recently, planking on the beach during his summer vacation.  We’d like to commend Daryl on all of his hard work and dedication to the process, and are grateful to have him as a member of our community.

Daryl is a nice guy to have in sessions. He’s positive, friendly and hardworking.
— Randy Hoy, Fellow TFL Member
                                  Daryl and his wife, Karen.

                                  Daryl and his wife, Karen.