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Member of the Month - October 2017



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Caryn Lariviere is 100% dedicated to conquering her training goals. This small, but mighty, woman is truly committed to the TFL process. Since she started with our small group program over a year ago, Caryn has truly NEVER missed a session – and most of them are scheduled before the sun even rises.

Caryn’s positive attitude, and eagerness to improve put an extra spark in our early morning groups. She refers to the other members in her group as “her idols,” even though she crushes Chin Ups and Front Squats herself on a regular basis.

Caryn’s goal has always been to strengthen her body to prevent injury and pain in support of her active lifestyle. She is often enjoying the outdoors on lengthy, difficult hiking trails, and in the colder months she can be found on the ski slopes.

We’d like to congratulate Caryn on all of the hard work she has put in during her time with Train for Life, and acknowledge all of the special moments she has helped create during her sessions. 

You can always count on Caryn walking through the door on Monday morning at 5:30, with no excuses and unparalleled effort. Every time I’m about to do a big lift, Caryn will stop what she’s doing to yell and fire me up.
— Aaron Starke, fellow small group member.