Member of the Month - September 2017




Linda Bresnahan started with TFL just over 4 years ago with her daughter, Lynn.  She embodies everything you could ask for in a perfect member – realistic training goals, consistency, positivity and eagerness to perform movements well and progress at a natural pace. 

Making strength training a part of her regular routine has afforded Linda the ability to take dishes out of her cabinet with ease (one of her very first goals in 2013), enjoy her retirement on vacations with her girlfriends, and last hours on the dance floor at parties!

Anyone who's had the pleasure of training next to Linda has experienced many of the same feelings that we do as coaches.  She’s an inspiration, and truly a sweet joy to be around.  Linda’s spunky sense of humor and easy-going attitude make it easy to enjoy our jobs as coaches, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how far she has come since joining our community.

Linda can be found in mid-morning small group sessions, often dancing in between sets to her favorite Latin music playlists!  We'd like to congratulate Linda on her recent birthday, her four-year TFL anniversary, and yet another month of hard work!

She’s an inspiration, and truly a sweet joy to be around.
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