Member of the Month - March 2017


Member Since November 2015

Amy is, without a doubt, dedicated to the process.  Despite being a mom of two young, crazy boys, she always shows up early to her sessions, and is the last one to leave – usually after a few miles on the AirDyne with friends to hit her personal MyZone goals.  Amy originally came to us with a simple weight loss goal, but her fitness has evolved tremendously since that first day.  

When we asked fellow members about Amy there was consistency among the replies: motivating, encouraging, and persistent, and her presence during training sessions is always a positive one.  She has made others around her stronger, both mentally and physically.  A “You got this!” or a cheer from afar, is typical of Amy as she is always eager to motivate and bring out the best in those around her.   

Not a session goes by without Amy asking for a form check, a weight recommendation, or a how-to on a movement.  Just one of the many reasons she is a joy to coach.  It’s been a blessing to work with Amy, and we look forward to supporting her constant strive toward new goals and accomplishments this year – especially at the SPD Road Race next week!

She’s motivating, encouraging and persistent; and her presence during training sessions is always a positive one.