Member Since December 2011

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Laflyn Wilson, whom most of you know as Flynn, has been a long time member of Train for Life. Flynn was an original member of the early morning “Big Guy Corner” alongside current members Scott McConnell and Bob Lingenberg, and can often be found with a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt on his chest and a big smile on his face ready to bring positive energy to any group he’s in.

What can I say about my friend Flynn... He jumped right in and brought hard work and laughter to the Big Guy Corner! Flynn makes everyone at the gym feel great with his attitude and infectious smile. It’s a real pleasure to train with him and an even greater honor to call him my friend.
— – Bob Lingenberg, friend and fellow member of TFL

Flynn has been on a quest to break 300lbs and conquered that goal just 2 weeks ago! Flynn couldn’t wait to share the news with his coach, and even turned around after leaving once he saw Drew puling in to the parking lot to share that moment with him. Drew said, “The type of energy and gratitude that Flynn expresses is what makes him a joy to coach. He’s a true inspiration to us at Train for Life.”

Lately, you can find Flynn carrying some of the largest kettlelbells we have during farmer’s carries and his facial expressions radiate determination making those around him want to do the same.

We are filled with gratitude that Flynn came back to our community and continues to put his trust in our team. We’d like to congratulate him on his recent successes and know that he will continue to push forward and make strides towards his next big goals. This milestone is just the first that he will SMASH through this year, and we can’t wait to be a part of them all!

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