2019 Summer Challenge


Winners will be announced at our annual TFL Summer Picnic
on Saturday, August 3, 2019


MyZone Points

100 Points per Week + 25 Points per week for the Top 10

There is a minimum goal of 800 MEPs per week.  Members will receive points for that week only if they hit 800 MEPS.  MEPs are calculated Monday-Sunday.  The Top 10 in the weekly standings will receive an extra 25 points for the week.  There is no limit on how many MEPs can be achieved.


400 Points goes to first place in each category
and it scales down from there.

Weight and Body Fat % will be taken at the beginning and end of the challenge.  The difference in weight and body fat % will be scaled and points will be awarded based on where you fall amongst the group. 

WEIGH-IN: Monday, June 3rd – Monday, June 10th
CHECKOUT: Thursday, July 25th – Tuesday, July 30th


150 Points to the Top 5 Transformations

Before and After Photos will be taken at TFL during weigh ins.  These are another way to measure true progress and earn points for positive physical change that isn’t always obvious on the scale.  These photos will be kept private and only shown to non-biased judges and the members themselves.

MEN - Shorts and No Shirt
WOMEN - Sports Bra and Shorts / Two-Piece Bathing Suit

Post-workout nutrition

1 Ticket Per Shake • 5 Points Per Ticket

In order to be successful in your quest to build lean muscle and lose fat, awareness of your daily protein intake is instrumental. Protein in liquid form is an easy and effective way to aid in post-workout recovery.  Liquid protein is easy to digest and is absorbed quickly by your muscles giving them the nutrients they need to repair.  This is also a way to increase daily protein intake on workout days where most people aren’t getting enough as it is.

Members will receive 1 ticket for drinking their protein shake after each workout.  Liquid protein only, no bars.  Tickets will be saved by members and turned in during challenge checkout.  5 Points will be awarded per ticket.

*Protein must be shown, and actively consumed at the time ticket is given.  Photos after sessions or “forgetting a ticket” will not be accepted.  No exceptions.


50 Points per Week

You cannot outwork bad eating habits.  In order to instill some accountability to what you are doing outside of the gym, members will be required to journal their food. Food journals will not be scored based on what’s in them.  The goal is to actively complete your log each week to create better eating habits and awareness of what you’re putting in your body.  As long as the log is turned in, points will be awarded.

Members may log their food via any food log app, such as “my fitness pal”, or in a notebook, whichever is preferred.  To make beneficial changes to one’s eating habits, It’s best to record the time you’re eating, what it is, the amount eaten and when you workout.

*A copy of your food journal from the week prior must be emailed to ashley@trainforlifema.com by the following Monday @ 6pm. 
For example, food journals from Monday, June 10 – Sunday, June 16 must be turned in by Monday, June 17th @ 6pm.

weekly Physical challenges


Week 1: Push Pull Challenge

Complete as fast as possible.
100 Meter Row >> 20 Push Ups >> 30 Squats to Ball

Week 2: Strongman Medley

Complete as fast as possible.
Backward Sled Drag >> Forward Sled March >> Farmer’s Carry

Week 3: Airdyne Ride

1.5 Mile Airdyne Sprint for Time

Week 4: Trapbar Challege

AMRAP in 60 Seconds
Bar is set to bodyweight the day of challenge rounded up to the nearest 5 pounds

Week 5: Prowler Sprints

5 Hi/Low Prowler Sprints for Time

Week 6: Death March

Complete as many laps as possible using the Farmer’s Bars.
Distance is measured from last lap once bars touch the floor.

Week 7: Conditioning Combo

Airdyne Sprint to 15 Cals >> Run to end of the building and back