MEMBER OF THE MONTH - February 2018




Tanya Torres radiates so many qualities we are proud to have in a TFL member… Tanya is a team player, a motivator, a listener and an all around badass.  If you have had the opportunity to train next to Tanya, then you definitely know what we’re talking about.

Tanya exudes positivity and is never in a workout just for herself.  If you’re lacking motivation or feeling like you can’t finish a round, she’s the one you want next to you with the amazing ability to make you feel like you’re in this together.  Quitting isn’t an option for Tanya, and she makes others believe that too.

Tanya is almost as dedicated to her training as she is to the Oakland Raiders (that’s huge), and she rarely misses a session.  She has been working towards specific strength goals since adding Hybrid to her program, and recently hit a huge PR on the Barbell Front Squat of 135lbs!  Even though it’s often on her way to or from work, Tanya remains consistent and always brings the same level of energy and passion even on her longest days.

We would like to congratulate Tanya on all of her accomplishments and never-ending hustle over the course of her time within our community; and thank her for bringing such a spark to each one of her sessions.