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Member of the Month - July 2018

Lizz Brierley



Lizz Brierley can be found in our large group sessions often wearing a witty, self-made fitness pun t-shirt which is just one of the ways she expresses her bright personality.  Lizz was originally referred to us by her best friend, Melissa Lavallee, whom she laughs her way through most of her sessions alongside.

Since joining us last year, Lizz has made major changes in both her lifestyle and mindset.  Through her consistency and dedication she has lost over 30 pounds, has drastically increased her strength and has so much more energy throughout her days!  Lizz conquered some of her weight loss goals by focusing more on her nutrition and training consistency, as well as holding herself accountable to measurement check-ins with her coaches every 5 weeks to avoid falling off the wagon.  She sets goals, and achieves them.

Lizz is constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone at the gym. Her weight loss story inspires others, and she is always there for anyone.  She is an incredible friend and workout partner in crime.
— Amy Wozniak, Fellow TFL Member

Lizz cares about the progress of others just as much as she does her own.  She is extremely welcoming and supportive.  It’s typical of Lizz to go out of her way to help others in a group.  She often makes the time to share a quick conversation with new members to let them know that she felt the same way to on her first few visits too. 

The encouraging community we are proud to offer here wouldn’t be possible without the actions of members like Lizz.  Thank you for being a special part of Train for Life!  We are so very proud to be apart of your journey!