Member of the Month - June 2018


Member Since July 2015


When Eric Staszko joined our community a few years ago, with his wife Lynette, he had a general goal to establish a healthier lifestyle for him and his family.  Although, this still sits at the forefront of what he is trying to accomplish, he has dug much deeper than that over his years with us.  Eric trusts the process, and no matter what we throw at him, he’s in it to win it, and always takes things to the next level.

Eric is a true student of strength, and has always remained impressively consistent with his semi-private training schedule.  He dates his workouts ahead of time, and always makes a plan with his coaches if he has to miss a session to ensure everyone is on the same page.  Eric does his homework and concentrates on the basics just as much as the new and complex movements.  He understands the importance of moving well, and the positive effect that it has on his training as well as his leisurely activities such as enjoying time outdoors, and vacationing with his family.  Eric prioritizes massage therapy to keep his body healthy, and was so intrigued by the Stick Mobility work that he learned with us that he purchased sticks to practice more at home too!  He has even added to our program by discussing some of his favorite movements with his coaches who have implemented those with other members as well. 

Aside from his positive qualities as a student, Eric is a stellar member of any group he trains with.  He is welcoming, relatable and energetic.  He is always one of the first people to introduce himself to new members, making them feel at home and supported on their new journey.  He encourages others, high-fives and cracks jokes throughout training sessions always doing his best to make others feel included.

Eric, thank you for demonstrating all of the values we believe in.  We are lucky to have you as a member of our community!